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Welcome to Lakeland Primary Care Clinic in Mississippi

At Lakeland Primary Care Clinic in Mississippi, we believe that the key to good medical care is still the partnership between a knowledgeable, caring physician and a patient ready and willing to take charge of their health.

We believe:

  • The role of the physician is to help each patient live a longer, healthier and more comfortable life whatever their age, condition or personal goals.
  • Caring for a patient includes being there during both health and illness, whether in clinic, hospital, nursing home or hospice.
  • The majority of a physician’s attention should be on the patient, not a computer or a clock.
  • In the importance of maintaining the physician-patient relationship. You will see Dr. LaGarde personally at every visit and your care will never be handed over to a nurse practitioner.

We look forward to helping you reach your personal goals for wellness. If you have any questions, please call our Mississippi treatment center at 601-664-9299 for more information. 

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